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Signs of Spring


Signs of Spring

According to the calendar, it is now officially spring. If you're like me, you're anxiously awaiting the warm air, green grass and open lakes. Spring likes to tease us, though, and one day it can be so warm you're in a t-shirt and the next day you're back in your winter coat. It's at this time that I like to take comfort from the little signs of spring that nature gives us. Here are some of my favorites:

1) The Juncos Leave - These cute little birds arrived in our area in October. I didn't think twice about them, but Jody Doll told me that they mean snow. She was right. Within a couple weeks of their arrival we had snow on the ground and winter followed soon after. I enjoyed watching them all winter, but noticed a few weeks ago that they had left. I'll miss them, but will be certainly happy to welcome spring in their place.


2) The Robins Arrive - A friend recently told me it will snow three more times after you see your first robin in the spring. This may or may not be true, but I'm counting the snowfalls anyway. So far it has snowed once since then. I'm hoping for two more light dustings of snow and then bring on the daffodils!


3) The Ducks Return - We were ever-so-slightly late for church yesterday because we were watching the wood ducks build a nest. We have wood duck houses in our yard the ducks were busy as could be getting ready for their next little brood. Each day I'm seeing new ducks appear and our drives through lakes country has become a game of "I Spy."


4) Songbirds Are Here - I saw the first goldfinch at my feeders the other day. His bright yellow feathers brightened my day and I could almost see spring following behind him.


5) The Loons Return - We saw our first loon on April 7th last year so the count is on. I can't wait to welcome them back home and watch as the pair on our lake raise a new pair of chicks.


What are your favorite signs of spring? I'd love to hear from you! If you want to see more signs of spring, be sure to like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram. I'll be posting each new spring arrival as I find them. Happy Spring, everyone!