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Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas Card Photo Ideas by Jennifer Ditterich

Getting your Christmas card done early is a fantastic way to get a jump start on your holiday to-do list. For me, getting that project off my list gives me enormous peace of mind and frees up quite a bit of time during the hectic weeks before Christmas.

Each year I send a photo Christmas card and the biggest challenge I have with that is getting inspiration for the photo. This year I've put together a collection of some of my favorite photos I've seen into one list for you to enjoy. I hope these images give you inspiration for your Christmas card.

Enjoy this list of photo ideas. Click on the image or the name listed below the photo to visit the website of the talented photographer. Many of them will give you tips and the story behind how they captured these images. I hope these will inspire you as you capture your holiday photo this year.

Cozy Coupe Christmas photo by Clearly Perceived Photography

Clearly Perceived Photography

Baby Haddie Christmas photo by Ampersand Studios

Ampersand Studios

Hugging Sisters by Lollypop Photography

Lollypop Photography

The Milky Way Christmas Photo

The Milky Way

Jamilia Jean Photography Crying Children

Jamilia Jean

Oh Joy! Holiday Family Photo

oh joy!

Kristi Murphy Christmas Card

Kristi Murphy


Inspired by This Christmas photo

Inspired by This


 Absolutely Bositively Christmas photo with dog

Absolutely Bositively

Rebekah Westover Photography

Rebekah Westover Photography


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