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Best Bird Feeders

Are you ready to freshen up your yard with some new bird feeders? Migration is in full swing so now is a fantastic time to add a couple new feeders to your yard.

I washed up my feeders this weekend and added a few new ones to the mix. During that time I did a little shopping and I thought I'd share with you some of the cute new feeders I found as well as some of my old favorites.

Hummingbird Feeders

red glass hummingbird feeder

Here is my new favorite hummingbird feeder. I purchased it this spring and my hummingbirds love it. I washed it up, filled it and hung it in the evening and when I woke up in the morning I already had a hummingbird feeding from it. The red glass really attracts the hummingbirds!

window mounted hummingbird feeder

 If you want to get close to hummingbirds, the best way is to use a window mount hummingbird feeder. It's fun to have little surprise visits from hummingbirds while you are taking care of chores in the house.

 Copper roof hummingbird feeder

I have this hummingbird feeder too. The warm tones of the copper brighten our yard and attract many hummingbirds.

Oriole Feeders

oriole feeder

I have several of these little blue tray feeders. I use them for grape jelly, oranges and meal worms. You can also use them for seeds. My orioles love grape jelly best and I've even attracted yellow-bellied sapsuckers with these trays.

jelly feeder for orioles

If your orioles go through a lot of grape jelly, this feeder is a brilliant idea. You attach an entire jar of jelly to it and it dispenses as needed.

Suet Feeders

double suet feeder

I've used quite a few suet feeders over the years and this one is my new favorite. They are easy to fill and clean and I like the look of the copper roof.

suet feeder with tail prop

If you have larger woodpeckers a suet feeder with a tail prop is a good idea. I have this on order with my pileated woodpeckers in mind. They will appreciate not having to dangle from the feeder or reach from the tree to the feeder to eat.

Seed Feeders

 squirrel proof bird feeder

I have this bird feeder in my yard and both the birds and I love it. It has many holes so several birds can feed at once. It is also squirrel proof which saves me money.

Automatic Bird Feeder

Here's the newest feeder I've added to my yard. Every night the raccoons would clean out my feeders and I wanted a way for the birds to get fed right away in the morning without having to get up at dawn to feed them. In desperation I gave this automatic bird feeder a try and I'm so glad I did. It holds a lot of seed, but only dispenses a set amount at a given time. You choose how much and when. You can even dispense seed at four different times each day. It was easy to set up and the raccoons have not been able to break in and get the seed. I am happy and so are my birds.

metal flower bird feeder

How pretty is this bird feeder? I just ordered it an I'm looking forward to seeing it in my yard.

glass seed feeder

Colorful glass isn't just for hummingbird feeders. This pretty vintage glass bird feeder holds seeds and comes in amethyst or blue.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of bird feeders. I'm pretty sure the birds in your yard would love them. I'd love to hear from you, too, if you have a favorite bird feeder.

And, if you love watching birds, be sure to download my free printable Bird Watching Journal. Thanks for stopping by!

bird watching journal

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