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19 Ideas for Getting Kids Excited About Nature

Spending time in nature is good for kids. Playing outside helps them to grow up strong and healthy and gives them an appreciation for our world. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to convince them to put down their devices and join the real world. Here are nineteen ideas you can use to lure them outside and give them a lifelong love of nature...

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Create the Perfect Canvas Print from Your Farm Photo

Do you have a special photo of your farm that you would like to put on a canvas print? Well, you're in luck, because today I've got eight beautiful canvas prints to share with you. These designs are bound to inspire you and give you ideas showcasing your farm and farming heritage...

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What's Inside Our Camera Bags?

Have you ever wondered what photography gear you should have? Each person's photography gear needs are different. Your subject, your style of shooting and your budget are the three main considerations for choosing gear. To underscore this point, Grant Johnson, Jody Doll and I are each sharing with you what we have in our camera bags. You'll get to see the tools we use to capture our photos and you'll get a chance to see the differences and similarities in our gear...

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