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Backing Up Your Photos

When it comes to backing up your photos you can never be too safe. How terrible would it be to lose all your pictures? Whether your photos are on your computer or on your phone, having a backup system in place is critical to avoid heartache...

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16 Ideas for Photographing Your Lake

Summer is lake time and some of our most precious memories are made at the lake. Today I'd like to share with you tips and ideas to help you capture those lake days in photographs so that you can treasure them all year long. Here are 16 photo opportunities you'll find at the lake...

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How to Photograph Fireworks [with Cheat Sheet]

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, bringing with it the opportunity to make some brilliant and dramatic images of fireworks.  These types of photos have some unique challenges to capture.  Here are some of guest blogger Grant Johnson's tips for making photos that will capture the experience and wow your friends...

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