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 This is why I do what I do...

Everyone has their own story and I'd like to help you tell yours. Whether you are looking for a canvas to give as a gift or looking for a special way to display a treasured photo, I can help you bring your idea to life. Together, we can create a canvas that showcases your story and fits perfectly into your life. I get so much satisfaction and joy from this process and from hearing the happy responses from my customers when they receive their canvas.  

"The canvas print we received was beautiful and made out of high quality material! Questions were answered quickly and we received our item quicker than expected! Highly recommend!" - Candace, North Dakota

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous canvas print! It came fast with a nice personal note. This was a housewarming gift for a friend/co-worker who loved it." -L, Minnesota

"Jennifer did an excellent job making this custom picture for us! She was very helpful and made sure that our picture was exactly how we wanted it! The picture looks absolutely beautiful!" -Vivian, Nebraska

This is why this matters to me...

I have had a love for photography since I was little. When I was three, I used to pretend a metal Band-Aid® box (remember when they were metal?) was a camera and I would prop it on my dad's camera tripod and squeeze it until the lid popped up, as if the flash was going off. My mom kept that Band-Aid® box for years because it was so special to me.

When I was ten I got my very first real camera. It was a Kodak with 110 film. (Remember 110 film? Remember film?) I was ecstatic and felt very grown up. Over the years my camera has evolved but my love for photographs has remained. They are precious to me. They capture moments and images that matter and that speak to the heart.

My love for photography led me into the scrapbook world, where I was published in magazines, contributed on design teams and created product samples for manufacturers. I'm now a licensed designer creating and selling my own artwork and photography.  I launched Jennifer Ditterich Designs in 2013 and have sincerely enjoyed this wonderful adventure, working with customers and stores to bring them unique and personalized canvas prints.

One of the highlights of this job is working with other creatives . I have been fortunate to team up with three very talented people who help me create unique designs for you to enjoy:

 Jody Doll wildlife photographer


In 2014, I debuted designs featuring the photography of Jody Doll. She is a self-proclaimed "Bird Nerd" and is an amazing wildlife and nature photographer. You can spot her images on the designs that feature our JD2 butterfly logo.



Grant Johnson Photography



My brother, Grant Johnson, is a talented photographer who specializes in night sky and long-exposure images. He has been kind enough to share his knowledge in blog posts on those topics including How to Photograph FIreworks and Intro to Night Photography. Check out those articles to see his amazing images!




My newest collaboration is the Life on the Lake Necklace Collection. For this line I partnered with Julene Boedigheimer of Jules Impressions. I create tiny canvas prints and she turns them into necklaces! Julene has been designing jewelry for seven years. She says that she likes to put her heart on a string and call it a necklace. Each piece she designs has special meaning and her thoughtfulness shines through in her work.



I would love to work with you to create just the right canvas for you or for someone you love. Contact me here to begin the process of turning your photos into art.