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100 Lakes in 100 Days!

100 Days 100 Lakes by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

I don't know about you, but I love a good challenge and this year I've set a big one for myself. In 100 days I'm going to photograph 100 different lakes! Do you think I can do it? We're about to find out!

Here's how the idea started..

Recently I've been hearing from my friends in the creative world about The 100 Day Project. You do something every day for 100 days and see what you learn and create. I liked the idea but didn't think I had the time. I couldn't help thinking about what I would do for the project if I participated, though.

Then one day the idea struck. I could try to photograph 100 different lakes in 100 days. Again, my rational side argued that I didn't have time. The creative side, however, would not let the idea go, so here we are today.

Here are my rules...

Each day I will post a photo of a different lake on Instagram. Now, my rational side has reminded me that I have responsibilities and has insisted on one caveat. I may have to shoot a few different lakes at one time instead of going out each day. (I do need to care for my family and ship out canvases to my customers.) All of the photos will be taken within the 100 days timeline, though.

How can I find that many lakes?

I live in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 lakes and in my county alone (Otter Tail) there are over 1,000 lakes. Plus, I'm going to try to sneak away a couple times to explore other areas of the state. I've got a couple bucket list places in mind.

I'm open to suggestions, too. Do you have a favorite lake that you'd like me to visit? Comment below or contact me here and I just may show up in your neighborhood!

And so it begins...

Today is day #1 and we're starting with West Silent Lake, one of my favorites...

West Silent Lake by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Photographing this lake is magical. Each time I've visited, there are loons calling in the distance and the sunsets are perfect. I got so many beautiful shots that I was packing up to leave early when this duck swam into my scene. It casually swam past and out of sight as I clicked my camera, thankful I had brought a full battery. Amazing!

Join me!

I invite you to follow me on Instagram to see which lakes I feature and to see if I am able to complete the challenge. And, again, I'd love to hear about your favorite lakes. Comment below or send me a message and I just might stop out!