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Fall Photos - Capturing the Beauty of Autumn

Fall Photography Tips by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Just when I'm getting sad about the end of summer, autumn arrives and comforts me. I could stay outside all day drinking in the rich colors and crisp air. The crunch of leaves under my feet, the sound of geese overhead and the smell of the autumn woods create an incredible experience and one I want to savor all year long.

During the fall I spend as much time as I can outdoors with my camera. I've taken thousands of photos over the years and look forward to taking many more this autumn, too. Today I'd like to share with you some of my favorite tips for photographing fall.

 Find a Tree-Lined Road

One of my favorite autumn finds is a road that leads through fall-colored trees. The leaves canopy the road, leading your eye into the beautiful colors and making you want to jump in the photo. Plus, when you are on a road like the one below, there are so many interesting places to photograph and explore.

Country Road in Autumn by Jennifer Ditterich

Overcast but sunny days are best

Everyone loves a blue sky, but when you're photographing fall colors, a lightly overcast sky will give you the best photos. You'll get soft, even light instead of hard dappled sun on leaves and shadows in the trees.

If you do have a sunny day and are getting harsh light, try using a polarizing lens to cut down glare. These are available for DSLR and mirrorless cameras and attach to the lens of your camera. Check out reviews before buying one to make sure you get a good quality lens, since it will affect your photos.

MN Highway 200 in Autumn by Jennifer Ditterich

Take advantage of reflections

Double the impact of a fall scene by capturing the colors in reflections. Lakes, ponds and even puddles will give you twice the beauty.

Birch Trees by an Autumn Lake by Jennifer Ditterich

Have Fun with Fog

The temperature changes in fall lend themselves to creating foggy mornings. Watch for the fog to settle in low spots and near water. I love the drama that fog adds to photos!

Foggy Morning on the Lake by Jennifer Ditterich

Autumn Wood Ducks in the Fall by Jennifer Ditterich

Capture that Sunrise

If you are not a morning person and don't usually see a summer sunrise, then autumn is your friend. The sun makes its appearance at a much more civilized time. Combine that with fall colors and a bit of fog and it will be worth your while to climb out of bed. An autumn sunrise is an incredible way to start the day!

Autumn Sunrise through the Fog by Jennifer Ditterich

Get Up Close

Remember to capture the small details of autumn, too. Each leaf is its own work of art and each flower has a story to tell.

Forest Floor in the Fall by Jennifer Ditterich

Autumn Flower by Jennifer Ditterich

 Watch the Wildlife

Autumn sets a beautiful stage for observing wildlife. Stay still and see who appears. Walk quietly and watch as you round the bend to see who is sharing the world with you.

Autumn Whitetail Deer by Jennifer Ditterich

Autumn Chipmunk by Jennifer Ditterich

I hope you savor each moment of autumn this year and capture lots of beautiful photos. If you'd like to see more of my pictures, follow me on Instagram. You'll be the first to see the new photos I get this autumn. Message me there, too, so I can see your photos as well.

If you'd like to decorate your home with your own fall photos, I'd love to create a custom canvas print just for you. Send your photo to me here and I'll make you a free proof! Happy fall!