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Speed Bumps

Capturing everyday moments in photos

When people ask how you're doing, what's your usual response? Lately, mine has been, "Busy." I'm busy and I bet you are, too. Everyone has a crazy schedule and the days just fly by.

Today I'm home with my youngest who has an earache. I had a full schedule and an incredible list of things to accomplish, but his illness has trumped all of that. Neither of us planned this, and it is not the day we would have chosen, but do you know what? It's kind of a treasure.

We have the whole day together. Just the two of us. My big list of to-do's has been replaced by this one:

      • Snuggle
      • Read Stories
      • Play Trucks
      • Make Cookies
      • Snuggle Some More

I have two older children so I know how quickly these days pass. I'm going to enjoy this one and I'm going to take a picture of the two of us together today so that when he's grown, I can remember this precious little version of him and a time when I could make him feel better just by holding him.

I challenge you to grab your camera or your phone, too. Interrupt your busy day to take a quick photo or two of the people you love. Maybe even your pets. You'll capture this moment in time like a treasure that you can enjoy for years and years.