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Top 5 Lake Photos to Take This Summer

lake photography

Summer is here, and for many of you that means it's time to get on the lake. Whether you live on the lake, vacation there, or just jump in once or twice each summer, here are some quintessential lake photos you will want to take...

#5 - Kids Jumping Off The Dock

Nothing quite sums up the joy of a day at the lake like this type of photo. Remember when you were the child in this photo and how wonderful the cold water felt on a hot day?

#4 - Fishing Adventures

A trip to the lake wouldn't be the same without some fish stories. Whether you capture photos of trophy fish or a line full of weeds, those memories will last a lifetime.


#3 - Fun In and On the Water

How do you spend your time on the lake? Do you water ski, swim or pontoon? Grab some of those action shots to savor when the winter months have frozen the lake.

Paddleboarding on Lake

#2 - Wildlife Moments

Escaping to the lake means getting back to nature. Sharing that space with wildlife can make for some wonderful photo opportunities. Keep your camera or phone ready to capture those wild surprises!


And finally, our #1 lake photo to take this summer...

#1 - Sunrises & Sunsets

Nothing sums up the perfection of a day at the lake like a sunrise or a sunset. You're either looking forward to an exciting day of possibilities or relaxing with the day's memories. A photo of your lake view will keep all those memories alive to enjoy throughout the year.


Now that you've seen the Top 5 Lake Photos for summer, grab your phone or camera and capture your own favorite lake memories. What are your favorite lake shots? Leave a comment below or contact me with your ideas or photos! I'd love to hear from you.