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Top 5 Farm Photos to Take This Summer

Farm Photography
Summer is here and life on the farm is in full swing. Spring planting is over and now you're watching everything grow: crops, animals and kids. Now is the time to grab your camera or your phone and capture these classic photos...

#5 - Fun on the Farm

No matter how old you are, there's always some mischief to be found on the farm. Whether it's jumping on hay bales, playing with newborn kittens, jumping in the mud or anything else we can dream up, get some photos. Those are the good times.
Hay Bale Fun on the Farm Kids Jumping

#4 - It's Growing Season!

Some days it feels like you could actually sit and watch the crops, gardens and kids grow.  The old adage says that corn will be, "knee-high by the Fourth of July. " We had one year, though, that the corn was knee-high on my son... if he was sitting on my husband's shoulders! I'm glad I got this picture because we enjoy looking back on that.

Knee high by the 4th of July

#3 - The Homestead

Your farm is your home and your work and there is something so meaningful about a photo of your homeplace. Now that everything is planted and green, take a few minutes to get some pictures of your special world.
Farm scene with barn and silos

#2 - Don't Forget the Animals

Whether it's cows or cats, most farms are home to an assortment of animals. They are part of the personality of the place so include them in your photo story, too.

#1 - Machinery & Equipment

Some of my favorite photos from my grandparents' farm are those of their old equipment. At the time it was new to them, just like ours is to us, but down the road ours will be vintage, too. Document the technology you use as a way of telling your story and showing how farm life operated now.

And that concludes the list of my Top 5 Farm Photos for summer. Are there any that you would add to the list? Grab your phone or camera and capture your own favorite farm memories and share them below, or contact me with your ideas or photos. I'd love to hear from you.