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Photos Don't Have to be Perfect to be Perfect (Part 1)

Perfectly imperfect photos by Jennifer Ditterich

Have you ever taken a picture of an amazing moment and your photo just didn't do it justice? I've had that happen to me and it can be so disappointing.

I'm going to be writing from time to time in my blog about ways to improve your photos, but I wanted to go on record first to say that photos do not have to be perfect. There are some things that are more important than lighting, composition and technique. Things like:

  • Memories
  • Love
  • Stories

Think about the photos you have from your childhood and your parents' childhoods. They may be faded, yellowed and poorly composed, but aren't they still so precious to you? The photos you're taking today will be cherished memories like that in the future, whether they are of museum quality or not.

Many of my photos are not going to win awards. Like this one:


But I love this photo with all my heart. This was our life in 2012, spending lots of time in the car driving to and from everything with these three characters keeping life interesting. This grainy cell phone photo is one of my favorite pictures I've taken. Ever.

Do you have photos like this? Ones that you love, but have gotten buried because they aren't museum worthy? Look through your stash of pictures, find a few and dig them out.

In my next blog post, I'll give you some ideas for using your not-so-perfect photos so that they can bring joy to you every day. Until then, simply enjoy your camera and your photos and have fun making memories.