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Photographing Your Family Farm

Photographing Your Family Farm by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Life on the farm is filled with special moments and memories. Wouldn't you love to capture each one?  You can with the help of your camera!

Today I'd like to share with you some tips and ideas for photographing your farm. There are so many unique areas of farm life. From the people to the land, you will want to preserve each aspect in your photographs.

Here are some of subjects to think about when photographing your farm...

1) Family

Farm life is family life. In your farm photos, include the people who live and work on your farm. I love to see photos of children "helping" on the farm, the people hard at work and the families enjoying the land. What pictures would best show the people on your farm in action?

Photography your family on the farm by Jennifer Ditterich


Father and Son on Farm by Jennifer Ditterich

Many farms are part of a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Generation photos are treasured keepsakes. Take some time at your next gathering to snap some pictures of the generations in your family.

Three Generations on a Farm Tractor by Jennifer Ditterich

2) The barn and outbuildings

When I think of a farm, an image of a red barn is the first thing that comes to mind. For many, the barn is the symbol of the farm.

Red Barn on Farm Photograph by Jennifer Ditterich

Take some photos, in all seasons, of your barn or other buildings. You will appreciate them now and future generations will treasure them, too.

Winter Farm Building in the Frost by Jennifer Ditterich

3) Your farmhouse

Sometimes the barn gets all the attention on a farm. Don't forget to take some pictures of your home, too!

The picture I'm sharing here is of my grandparents' farmhouse. I have so many wonderful memories of time spent there. Summers visits running free and driving the four wheeler, making snow forts with my cousins and Christmases celebrated there with my family. Having a photo of their farmhouse is so important to me. The photo you take today of your farm place will be a treasure for someone else in years to come.

Family Farmhouse on Jennifer Ditterich Designs

4) The work

Farmers work hard and the work never seems to end. Use your camera to document the daily work. Here are just a few ideas to get your started:

  • Land being planted
  • Livestock being fed
  • Harvesting the crops
  • Mending fences
  • Moving equipment
  • Hauling hay
  • Loading bags of seed

What are the regular jobs on your farm? Use your answers to decide what to photograph next.

Corn Harvest by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

5) Machinery

A huge part of farm life includes the use of machinery. Capturing these machines at work tells an important part of the farm story. After a long season of working, waiting and praying, photos of the harvest are especially dear. The row crops being harvested, the augers filling the grain trucks and the silos being filled make strong harvest images. 

Allis-Chalmers Tractor by Jennifer Ditterich

6) Animals

Do you have animals on your farm? Cattle, horses, chickens and other livestock are part of farm life, too. Even if you don't have livestock, chances are you have a cat or dog on your farm.

Cattle Sunset Silhouette by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

7) Your road

Is there a better scene after a trip than the road to your home? How many times have you driven or walked it? Try taking some photos of your road from different angles and perspectives. Which view do you like best?

Dirt Road to Farm Photograph by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Winter Road by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

 8) Your mailbox

And while you're photographing your road, don't forget your mailbox. It is the thing that greets you each time you arrive home. Do you decorate it for seasons or have plants growing around it?

Farm Mailbox Photograph by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

9) The details

Don't forget to get closeup for a few shots. There are so many details you can photograph. Here are a few ideas:

  • A farmer's hands holding some of the harvest
  • or covered in grease from fixing the combine
  • work boots sitting by the door
  • a closeup shot of grain pouring out of an auger
  • the first sprout from a newly planted field

Corn Harvest Leftovers by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

10) Weather

Weather plays a huge role in farming. We hope for the best and deal with the worst. What weather issues have you faced? From rainbows to tornadoes, those events are part of life and make for some compelling photographs that show the trials and joys of farm life.

Rainbow Over a Farm by Jody Doll Photography

11) Seasons

Do you live in an area with four seasons? Seasonal photos show the rhythm of farm life. The optimistic colors of spring planting, the vivid colors of the growing season, the rusty hues of the fall harvest, and the surreal frost of winter all bring your farm to life in photographs.

Photographing Winter on the Farm by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

12) Traditions

Do you have special traditions on your farm? Perhaps you have a hay ride each fall, host a harvest party or put up special decorations for the holidays. Take pictures of these moments and you'll savor the memories for years.

Hayride on the Farm by Jennifer Ditterich

13) Stories

Do you find yourself telling the same stories about your farm over and over? My mom tells a story of how she and her siblings were out in the yard before church, in their dress clothes, running their fingers through the grease on the machinery. Their grandmother found them and promptly scolded them in Norwegian. They never did that again! How precious would it be to have a picture of them in their Sunday best by that machinery?

You have your own stories you tell. If an object from the story is available, take a photo of it and share your story. You can also find a similar item and use it to tell your tale.

Farmers Work Boots by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

14) Sunsets and sunrises

Is there anything better than the silhouette of your farm set against a colorful sky? I also love photos of harvest when the dust is flying as the sun goes down. And then there's those beautiful foggy sunrises that make the fields look magical. What is your favorite sunset or sunrise view of your farm?

Silo Sunset Farm Photograph by Jennifer Ditterich Designs


I hope these topics have given you inspiration to photograph your farm. Once you have your photos, be sure to share them with your friends and family. I'd love to see them too. You can frame them, share them on Facebook or put them in an album. If you'd like to put one on canvas I would love to help you with that. Simply send your photo to me and I'll send you a proof of your print. Remember, there's never a charge for customization and you can see a proof before you purchase to make sure you'll love your design.

You'll find more inspiration in the Life on the Farm Collection. Any design can be customized with your photo and wording. The Personalized Farm Name Sign is one example that showcases a photo of your farm and your family name. This canvas print also makes an excellent gift for a farmer or farm family.

Personalized Farm Name Sign by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Thank you for stopping by today to get inspiration for your farm photos. I hope you'll take a little time to grab your camera and capture your amazing farm life.


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