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Lake Sunset Photo Hall of Fame

Lake Sunset Photos Hall of Fame by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Is there anything better than a sunset on a lake? Those golden rays reflected on the water right before the sun disappears for the day create a masterpiece every time. Judging by Facebook and Instagram photos, you love lake sunsets, too.

One of the best parts of my job is custom framing for people. I love working with each person to create a canvas that showcases their photo and reflects their personality. I have framed some stunning lake sunset photos over the years and I thought I'd share a few of them with you today and show you the canvas prints that have resulted from these gorgeous images.

Union Lake

Lake Photo Grandchildren and Dog in Lake During Sunset Jennifer Ditterich Designs

I'll start the show with one of my all-time favorites. This photo by Tara and Hans Halvorson of Union Lake is the quintessential image of summer at the lake. Notice the kids ready to jump into the water, two more already in the water, and the dog thinking about joining them. This photo perfectly showcases those special family memories that they make at their lake. Don't you want to join them?

Union Lake Personalized Custom Canvas by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Mille Lacs Lake

Lake Picture Dock at Sunset Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Jamie Zylka from Mille Lacs Lake asked me to create a canvas from this stunning photo for her to give as a Father's Day present. I love the dramatic color of the sunset!

Mille Lacs Lake Personalized Canvas Print by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Wilson Lake

Lake Picture Cabin on the Lake During Sunset Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Shelby George sent this beautiful photo and we created a canvas to give to her father. I love seeing the side of the house with the sunset. It contributes to the sense of place and helps you feel like you are in the scene.

Wilson Lake Custom Canvas by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Leech Lake

 Leech Lake Sunset Photo Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Can't you just imagine sitting in this swing and watching the boats cruise past? Robi Bowman had this photo turned into a canvas as a special keepsake for her family. We used the dark space at the bottom of the photo to include a verse that is meaningful to her.

Leech Lake Custom Canvas Framing by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Lake Murvaul

Lake Picture Boat Launch at Sunset Jennifer Ditterich Designs

This photo was sent to me by Jessica Pace. It was taken by her mother-in-law, Iris Pace. The colors in this sunset are incredible and the photo captures their view and surroundings in a remarkable way.

Lake Murvaul Custom Canvas Print by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Gull Lake

Lake Photo Umbrella Sunset on the Lake Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Don't you just want to hang out with a group of friends here and watch the sunset? I can only image how much fun Sara Ballinger and her family have on Gull Lake enjoying this beautiful view!

Gull Lake Custom Canvas Print from Photo by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Juanita Lake

Juanita Lake Sunset Picture Jennifer Ditterich Designs

Marian and Brach Johnson had this photo printed on canvas to give as a gift for their friends who share the lake with them. The details in the photo, including the children fishing and the pontoon floating by on peaceful waters, capture the joy of a day at the lake.

Juanita Lake Personalized Canvas Print by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

 Round Lake

 Canoe on Lake During Sunset Jennifer Ditterich Designs

While there are many more lake photos I've framed for people, here's one final picture I'll share today. Gina Dahms sent me this amazing photo that she took on Round Lake last summer. When I look at this photo, I feel like I'm in the canoe, drifting on a calm lake. What a wonderful picture!

 Lake Sunset in a Canoe Custom Print by Jennifer Ditterich Designs

I hope you've enjoyed these photos and that they've inspired you to take photos of your own lake adventures. You can learn more about the custom process at Create Your Canvas. If you'd like me to create a gallery wrapped canvas of your photo, simply send me a message with your lake picture attached and I'll make you a free proof. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and working with you on a special print.